Use online coding tests to grade your candidates

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Powerful Features
to Screen Applicants
of Various Skills

Pre-Built Question Library
With 20,000+ programming questions

Automated Code Evaluation
Based on pre-defined parameters

32+ Programming Languages
JAVA, Python, PHP, SQL, C++, C#, Ruby, JS
and many more

Detailed Test Reports
For each candidate’s performance

Plagiarism Detector
To avoid and detect malpractices

Custom Question Library
For complete control over questions

What Our
Customers Say

"We are very happy about this whole hiring process. It was extremely helpful in terms of identifying the right talent with the right attitude and mindset. I couldn't have imagined pulling off something with such results on our own through the traditional hiring process. You guys are awesome!"

Vinoth Vanaraj

Director of Data Technology, GyanMatrix

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"There are many pros to using HackerEarth recruit. We've saved a lot of time in the hiring process. But what has been even more important has been the quality of candidates that we had been able to unearth using HackerEarth recruit.Some of the candidates we hired from campuses were, in fact, better than our lateral hires. I'm not sure if we could have found such good people using the conventional method. And of course, we don't have to carry that huge bag around company anymore!" 

Anand Watwe

Senior Manager Global Staffing at Symantec 

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What can you use
HackerEarth Recruit for?

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Assessment for Campus Hiring
Conduct mass evaluations when you approach
students for campus hiring and easily filter the
best programmers from the crowd.

Assessment for Lateral Hiring
Evaluate candidates for the minutest details
when hiring a highly skilled employee from
a large bucket of applicants.

Internal Employee Assessment
Assess the skills of your internal team and
make it easy to assign new projects to the
right team members.


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